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Denise Hanson-LaFever

Over 20 years of experience as a senior financial executive with a solid business background. 


Diverse experience working with varying sizes and types of companies. Demonstrated experience working with Operations, Finance, Senior Management and the Board of Directors. 


Extensive interaction, insight and understanding of the processes owners go through during the ownership change.

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About us

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Do you need help growing your current business?


Are you looking to retire or sell your business and not sure what to do next? 

Our teams will assist you in finding the right solution to solve your business problem.

Read about the the journey of Startup-2-Exit.

Clients and Partners


Shelley Lupher

I'm passionate about helping companies develop growth strategies, and then work with great teams to execute and deliver. I'm a forward-thinking strategist, driving companies into the hyper-evolving digital space by applying technologies in innovative, but user-friendly ways to solve problems, increase productivity and grow revenue.


My bio: 

Shelley has more than 20 years experience in the growth and development of companies and products. With a strong history of innovation across multiple verticals including healthcare, insurance, finance, pharma, and retail with companies such as Pfizer, Putnam, Comcast, DuPont, Yellowbook, and AT&T Mobility.  She has been able to move large and small organizations from concept to launch in mobile as a product leader and has consistently demonstrated an ability to innovate beyond the status quo.  She was instrumental in launching the first mobile apps and SMS campaigns for American Idol, Coca Cola, and NCAA among others. She has consistently received high praise from clients for her insights and innovative thinking, moving companies beyond where they thought they could go. 


She is a graduate of the University of Idaho, and continued her education at Harvard University Extension (HBX).

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